Even at the airport, it’s not too late to buy your France data sim package!

There are so many things to think of when you’re setting off on your holidays or getting ready for a business trip abroad. It’s not surprising that even important details can slip our minds. Well, if you’ve forgotten to organize a France data sim for yourself before heading off to Paris or Provence, all’s not lost! Many international airports stock these types of package – which sometimes come complete with telephone – given that they’re invaluable for tourists and business travellers alike. A France data sim package gives you real freedom abroad, as well as peace of mind. Since such packages are generally pre-paid, you know exactly how much you have to fork out and how many minutes, texts and how much data usage allowance you’re entitled to. Rates for usage over and above these restrictions will be clearly displayed too. Additions to such packages include mobile hotspots.


France data sim solutions work for the rest of Europe too

One of the great things about data sim solutions is that they can work in many different countries. So if you’re spending most of your stay in France, but will also be popping into Spain for a few days, the right kind of France data sim package will work for both countries. In fact, some data sim solutions are designed to work across all 28 EU countries. In this case, rates for calls/texts/data may vary from country to country, depending on the company providing the package, but these will be clearly set out for you to see. Different packages are tailored to suit different needs – some people will prefer more data at the expense of call minutes, for others, texts are more important. In any case, if you shop around a little, you’re bound to find something that’s suitable.


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